Hold the presses. Jeffree Star will be releasing its own setting powder!

We're about to be broke as Jeffree Star will take all our money with all these new upcoming products.



The beauty brand founded by the beauty blogger is set to release plenty of new products including two liquid highlighters as well as lip liners and lip glosses. If that is not enough, he has also been testing out primers as well as foundations!


In Jeffree Star's most recent YouTube video, he very sneakily added in that he was actually wearing an upcoming setting powder for his brand.


"I'm also testing out some new setting powders that Jeffree Star Cosmetics are going to be putting out soon. So, excuse my crazy bright under eyes, I've been testing out stuff all day," he said at the start of the video.


"It looks pretty bright under here. A little refreshing if you will," he continued but he did say there will be a dedicated video coming for the product soon.


However, the other part of the video that also caught our eye is Jeffree's lips – more importantly, his lip liner.


Jeffree announced he would be launching lip liners and glosses, but we haven't seen those yet. EEEKK! The dark lip liner makes us think that Jeffree may have been giving us another sneak peek for an upcoming product.


At the moment there is no launch date or even a reveal of these upcoming products, but setting powder is definitely a hot trend at the moment. Only a few weeks ago, Huda Beauty revealed her newest product for her brand – the Cake Bake setting powder.


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