This Basic T-Shirt Is Exactly What I Wanted

Every wardrobe is made up of lots of little building blocks. They’re the staples and basics that might seem “boring” next to sequin-encrusted tops or can-it-fit-through-the-doorway? dresses, but, honestly, the adjective couldn’t be further from the truth.

Made for You Custom T-shirt

Made For You by Amazon


Is vital boring? Is versatility that you reach for almost every other day something to sneer at? No, and no. And in the pantheon of basics, there’s not a single item that looms larger than the t-shirt. It has been around forever (since the late 19th century) and looks just as current now as it did in the ‘80s, the ‘90s, etc. That’s basically the definition of classic.

So, the search for the perfect tee is worthy of research and thought. It’s a piece you’ll wear all the time and keep in your wardrobe until it falls apart (or disappears under suspicious circumstances after loaning it out to a friend…). I’ve been hunting for literal years and have opened my wallet when necessary.

Spoiler: The expensive versions don’t magically have something extra.

I’d kind of given up hope until deciding to flirt with Amazon’s Made for You custom t-shirt. The name says it all, with optionality and a “design” process that mixes measurements you take with preferences (in sleeve length and neckline; fabric and color). A series of seven categories including length (short, medium, or long) and fit (relaxed, slim, or classic) lets you really home in on your perfect tee. After deciding on a round or v-neck you get even more specific, toggling between high, medium, and low for whichever option you’ve picked.

Made for You Custom T-shirt

Made For You by Amazon


Beyond literally being made for me—you even get to customize the inside label—the best part might be the not-so-couture price tag. The custom tee, the only one of its kind in the world, costs you $25. Kind of astounding, right?

At first glance, my made-just-for-me shirt isn’t so different than others I’ve tried. It’s only when I slip it on and realize how the combo of neckline and length and relaxed slouch is exactly what I’d pick that I remember—I did pick it all.

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