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Improve Your Balance (and Break a Sweat) With This 10-Minute Cardio Barre Workout

Join Class Fitsugar trainer Nikki Nie and class members Paris Nicole and Ellie Aviles for a quick, 10-minute workout that combines traditional barre movements with cardio bursts. You’ll get centered and ready with a quick warmup, followed by ballet-inspired exercises like grand pliés, dégagés, relevés, and chassés that will make you feel like a prima ballerina in no time at all. And don’t sweat it if you’ve never taken a dance class (or a French class): Nie and her class members have plenty of modifications that will help you keep up and get the most out of this routine. You won’t need any equipment, just some space to move.

Don’t miss new episodes of Class Fitsugar every Sunday and Wednesday on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel.

Nie’s outfit: Jolyn // Shoes: APL

Aviles’s outfit: Varley // Shoes: APL

Nicole’s outfit: Gymshark // Shoes: APL

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